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Tue Jul 26 09:14:26 PDT 2016

Just FYI, the downhaul for my topping lift finally broke from old age. 
It might have been the original 1967 line... I had to go up the mast to 
replace the downhaul fabric line. I had expected the downhaul to have 
been spliced into the wire, but I discovered that instead there were 
eye-splices with thimbles at each end of the wire, so I need only fasten 
a new rope line on to one of the eyes.

     To make things more interesting, I used a brand new main halyard to 
haul me up the mast, with I guess a spinnaker halyard (long unused) as a 
safety line. It looked all right at the foot of the mast, but turned out 
to have a frayed spot halfway up which bunched up and jammed as I was 
coming down. For a while it looked as though I might spend the morning 
sitting at the spreaders, until I was able to unhook the jammed line at 
the bosun's chair and ride down on just the main halyard.

     My question is, what are the following dimensions:

(1) what is the overall height of the mast from the waterline to the 
mast top (not including any radio antennae,. etc.) ?

(2) what is the length of the halyards -  main, jib, etc.?

(3) what is the length of the topping lift downhaul?

     I think these should be listed in the handbook, along with things 
like LOA, LWL, beam, draft, ballast, sail area -

(The dimensions on the small drawing are not readable)

By scaling off the length of the boat I have come up with mast height 38 
ft and halyards 68 feet. Are they correct?

  - Gordon White

             Brigadoon II (275)

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