[Public-List] Teak inlay in cockpit seats and hatch cover

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Wed Feb 1 15:27:36 PST 2017

I had a yard do this back in '08, but the work was mediocre, and after
some exposure to the elements (about a year's worth), the battens
started to peel away, and pull up the finishing nails (making them into
little pant-tearing weapons that I had to duct tape over).

As a result, I redid the inlays the winter before last ('14-15) and my
work seems to be holding up. I think that the biggest difference between
the yard's work and my own is that as the battens came up on the yard's
job, it looks like they tried to use sealant instead of glue to attach
the battens to the ply underneath.

It was a pretty straightforward job, and the only vaguely tricky bit
about it was that I grabbed some tile spacers to keep the teak battens
nicely lined up when I glued them and nailed them down. That and be
careful about putting the nails too close to the corners of the battens,
where they're liable to split them. I didn't have anything split right
off, but I did make generous use of the putty/repair stick that I had
for the nail holes in a couple of places.

On second thought, I vaguely recall having had to make a bit of an
improvised sled for the table saw to get the right angle on the
outermost battens, and the cut planning on that requiring a minute or
two of thought (so I could make sure that the nail holes from fastening
the batten to the improvised sled would be face-down when the battens
got installed).

I used a Sikkaflex sealant, and it seems to be doing its job, so the
fact that the (outdoor-rated) glue isn't all magical and marine-taxed is
a non-issue thus far.

Hope this helps,

On Wed, Feb 01, 2017 at 02:00:19PM -0800, Stephen Gwyn via Public-List wrote:
> Hi,
> My boat (Hull #495) has teak plywood inset into fibreglass for both
> the cockpit seats / locker lids and the sliding hatch. After only 45 years,
> the teak is starting to rot. The depression in the cockpit seats
> is 3/4" deep. The depression on the sliding hatch cover is 3/8" deep.
> This piece of teak has fore-and-aft cuts on the bottom side so
> the plywood can bend to meet the curve.
> I'd like to switch to teak battens, with black sealant in between.
> Has anybody done this?
> SG
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