[Public-List] Replacing main halyard and topping lift, need lengths

Daniel Sternglass via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Thu Feb 9 13:15:33 PST 2017


I need to replace the topping lift and main halyard on my 1966 A-30. I 
am still using the spliced wire/rope lines, and I plan to continue, not 
worth the effort for me to re-work the block at the masthead or or 
change-out the original jib halyard winch. I'm a low-tech guy, at least 
with this old boat :-).

Does anyone know the proper lengths for the wire and rope in these two 
areas? West marine offers 1/8" wire to 5/16" Sta-set line, 30' for each 
section. Can I use those? Seems like it might be short for the topping 
lift. I'll probably go for a 1/4" topping lift line.


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