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Good day Greg,

A foil shaped rudder would do you no good at all… one must consider, with our sorts of boats, that the ‘foil’ has it’s leading edge at the forward part of the keel and the rudder is a sort of flap or trim tab on that structure, not something on it’s own.

The only improvements one could give our rudders would be to minimize the ‘leaking’ of flow from the leeward side to the windward between the rudder post and the after part of the keel (already a pretty good fit in Alberg 30’s except of course for the troublesome propeller aperture) and perhaps a narrower and more squared trailing edge.   The thicker rounded trailing edge (when considered in cross section) is not so good for minimizing turbulence at the trailing edge.

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    Did any of our boats come with a foil shaped rudder?My wood rudder has
    flat sides and a gentle taper..I'm not sure how much one would gain
    with a foil given the 3/4 keel,I'm having a hard time picturing how
    you would handle the tilt when defining the profile.
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