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gordon white via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Wed Feb 22 08:39:24 PST 2017

   I MAY be at Saturday's seminar. Hope to, but it's a 320 mile round 
trip from Deltaville.....

     An observation (I have sailed from the Chesapeake to Newport 
several times) The area from Montauk Point, into Fishers Island Sound  
and up a narrow, twisting channel into Mystic is not an area I'd like to 
sail at night or in fog, especially after being perhaps a bit 
sleep-deprived after three days at sea (not all that difficult, but 
still possibly short of sleep). If it were not for the prevailing winds 
being from the southwest, it might be better to sail the other way 
round, up the Jersey shore and through New York and down offshore to the 
more friendly Chesapeake Bay entrance. I have a good chart plotter which 
should make the navigating not too hard, though do not have radar to 
locate traffic.

     Another note - I'd suggest going into or out of Cape May Harbor via 
the Cape May Canal rather than around the cape itself. Having been 
there, there are often current-caused overfalls that create standing 
waves with pretty deep troughs. The soundings may be 11 feet, but once 
nearly hit the bottom in a trough.

- Gordon White, /Brigadoon II/

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