[Public-List] Question on the KILZ and cosmetics

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Randy, after our success with oil based Kilz in the cabin of #262, we
applied it on other surfaces including our cooler. This past spring I also
applied it on our current boat's cooler which has refrigeration, so far very
good results after one season. We only ever applied one or two coats of Kilz
and never covered it with anything else.

Good product that I found to fill in coating voids over fiberglass, weather
inside or outside the hull is QuikFair
It goes on like pudding and if careful with application it does not leave
much buildup to send down. 

John Maliszewski

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Question on the KILZ... when used inside the house we used for water spots
so they would not bleed through and painted over.
Opinion seems to be oil base - no problem.. do you paint over the KILZ or
does it need to be expose? Does it work all over even in the bilge?

I have bleached and scrubbed overhead in main cabin and where old paint came
off in the corners ~ok ..but has left a noticeable edge that I can't seem to
scrape or grind down overhead.. any ideas on cosmetics?

Also - Wes, am interested in the coamings if not already promised...
Randy....... rlwspoon at earthlink.net

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