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Thank you Jim.   Actually what I should do is break down and take the few
moments to see how to advertise to the Association like a normal business.

Ahoy George... Can you help?

And here's a dialog I wrote down after talking with a visitor here at my
booth...this one was last year, but still unsurpassed...

Client:  ³are you Gord Laco?²

Me:  ³yes²

C: ³my friend Ralph (I forget the real name) told me I need to talk to you²

M: What can I do for you?

C: I understand you have a business refinishing boat¹s bottoms...

M: sorry, I don¹t.

C: My friend says you do.

M: Sorry, I don¹t.  We import and distribute Epifanes Yacht coatings, build
Voyager Self Steering Vanes... Etc etc etc

C: I need the bottom of my boat sand blasted and refinished.  Can you do
that for me?

M: sorry, no.  

C: when did you stop doing bottoms?

M: I never did, I don¹t even do my own boat.

C: Would you do my boat?

M: Sorry, no.

C: how can I get my boat¹s bottom refinished?

M: well I suppose you can do it yourself, it¹s messy work, or have a pro do
it for you.

C: what would that cost?

M: I don¹t know.

C: do you have a price list?

M: no, I only sell to dealers and sub distributors

C: I mean for the bottom jobs

M:  I don¹t work on boats, I don¹t do bottom jobs.

And so on......I guess he figured if he kept at me, I¹d eventually say yes.
I didn¹t.


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> Gord
> I personally have no objection to an occasional comment from a member pointing
> out that he has parts and fittings that are applicable to our boats. This is
> especially true when a specific item is being searched for and/or a
> recommendation needed. I would not like to see blatant advertising in a
> blanket mode but single incidents as to a specific request for help and
> guidance I am happy and enjoy reading your postings, thoughts and guidance.
> Jim Davis
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