[Public-List] That Space Abaft the Galley

Jonathan Bresler via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Sun Jul 16 12:11:07 PDT 2017

Started in on the galley of Constance on Friday.  Took out the alcohol
stove.  Removed the plumbing.  Removed the faucets and their base.
Scrubbed the Formica(?) with ScotchBrite.  The visible surfaces are a lot
cleaner now.  Much more inviting.  For the present, I'll clean and
reassemble.  The goal was to clean and familiarize myself with the

But what is that space abaft the galley?!   Right now I have a trashcan
shoved in there. Several people seem to use it for trash.  Using it as a
wet hanging locker per the original drawings seems a bit of a
challenge...."Here Dear, let me shove these sopping wet, dripping foulies
right through your galley.  You dont mind, do you?"  Seems a bit like a
lost space.  An idea that has come to mind is using it to store canned
food.  Use a Sharpie to label the ends of the cans. Strip the paper labels
off the cans. Place the cans into a piece of synthetic cloth sewn like a
set hanging shoe shelves (
https://www.walmart.com/ip/Whitmor-Hanging-Shoe-Shelves-Grey/44782628) but
with openings sized for cans...witihout corners, just simple seams spread
far enough apart to accommodate a can.  The top end would have a wooden
dowel to hold the end of the "can hanger" within reach.  Could place a half
dozen "can hangers" in there, one for each type of food: veggies, fruit,
meat, etc.

What do y'all do with that space?


Jonathan M Bresler
S/V Constance Alberg 30 #262
Annapolis/Eastport MD

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