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Mark, the standard prop from Whitby was 13x7 with 7/8" shaft 2-blade with
an Atomic 4 engine. If the engine has been changed, the prop would also be
changed. Also, if you have a 3-blade prop you could us a smaller diameter,
higher pitch prop. The is also a 3-blade smaller diameter prop that was
specifically designed to the Atomic 4 and several people switched to that
prop. The distinguishing feature of that prop is the tips are bent in
slightly, like the singlets on a 737 aircraft. Send me a picture of your
prop and let us know what engine you have. The lost does not accept
pictures so reply to me with it.

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Had my boat hauled yesterday and was surprised at how small the propeller
was, about 8 or 9 inches in diameter.
What are others using and finding most effective/
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