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Good info, thanks. Boat show is a good idea, but every year I go it rains!
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I attended an event at the Havre de Grace Yacht Club where we shot off various brands/types of flares.  Someone brought the Weems and Plath Distress Light for comparison.  In my opinion, the Weems and Plath Distress Light was FAR superior. The distress light was plenty bright.  Obviously, the light lasts longer than the flare.  The only disadvantage was that the flare would achieve a higher altitude. (albeit for a short duration) 
I intend to purchase one at the boat show this year.

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Hi Folks
I need to update my safety gear and flares are next. Is anyone using the Weems and Plath flare alternative? A little spendy but they sell nice stuff so assuming it works as advertised. It seems like a viable alternative to dealing with flares, not to mention keeping on top of expiration. I do like the idea of a smoke flair, but have never used or even seen one in use. 
Thanks for any input

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