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Ha, thats an impressive lifespan! Now if I can only convince DNR the date is only a suggestion. 

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Don't discard your expired ones. I keep old ones (I have the 12 guage/25 mm. Pistol) in a ziplock bag. Last year I thought ones expired 1980 was a little above and beyond so I shot them off. Not a single misfire.Michael Grosh#220
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Hi Folks
I need to update my safety gear and flares are next. Is anyone using the Weems and Plath flare alternative? A little spendy but they sell nice stuff so assuming it works as advertised. It seems like a viable alternative to dealing with flares, not to mention keeping on top of expiration. I do like the idea of a smoke flair, but have never used or even seen one in use. 
Thanks for any input

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