[Public-List] Last Wednesday night race of the season

David Tessier via Public-List public-list at lists.alberg30.org
Thu Sep 28 06:20:18 PDT 2017

Good to hear there was sailing Wednesday -- I did not see any sails out ob The Georgian Bay.‎I too sailed Wednesday, all day, in 25+ kts on The Georgian Bay ‎, from Killarley S to Tobermory. Legs 1 and 2, beam reaching (Killarney to Cape Smith)  and close reaching ( Cape Smith to Flower Pot I) were divine, riding over great mounds of warm (19oC) water and organized trains of big waves. Triple reef in the mainsail and 140% Genoa furled to 105%.

The 3rd and short final leg was when the piper got his pay as I had to make 6 nm into the W wind to make Tobermory, just about the time your race got under . The nearby islands made for some choppy confused water and the wind piped up. Further reducing Genoa size (to 90%) helped some, but took great solo effort during which I cracked my tiller -- still useable after a quick lashing to keep its butt in the cheeks of the bronze fitting. Anyhow I got positioned a little NW of the harbour, hove to, struck sail and sailed with bare poles into the flat water of the harbour where I could use my 6HP outboard to get into a slip. This with the car ferry coming up astern. ‎All went well.

A great 9 hrs on the helm!

David Tessier, Waterloo ON Canada

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