[Public-List] Jean du Sud self-steerer

gordon white gewhite at crosslink.net
Sun Feb 25 16:33:13 PST 2018

    After listening to Yves Gelinas talk about his voyage last week, and 
reading his book,  I decided to Google his web site and see what the 
price was for the self-steerer unit. $3,600 plus a few accessories and, 
maybe, $1,000 to install it, at a guess. If I were sailing around the 
world single-handed, I'd buy one, but for the Chesapeake Bay I'll stick 
to my auto-pilot. Even if we were able to cruise to Block Island, across 
some of the most heavily-traveled shipping lanes in the world,  I don't 
think it would be safe to go to sleep and let the boat self-steer.

  - Gordon White

Brigadoon II

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