[Public-List] Boatyard mystery.

Gordon Laco mainstay at csolve.net
Thu Dec 12 06:14:22 PST 2019

Well here’s a good one… possibly related to the boatyard...

Yesterday I went out to my car (sort of a car… it’s a Suburu ‘Crosstrek’ but I refuse to use the term ‘cross-over’)  to go over to my warehouse to pick an order.

I started the engine, reached down beside the driver’s seat for the window scraper… it wasn’t there.  Hmmm, I thought, it must have fallen overboard when we were shopping the other day - I’ll have to get another one.

Over at the warehouse I opened the vehicle’s rear hatch… there were two surprises there.  One was the missing window scraper, in the back where I’d never put it… and a very nifty DeWalt battery powered rotary saw.  I’ve never owned a tool like that and have no idea where it came from.

The only time the car has been sitting unlocked since the last time I used the window scraper was over at the marina when I was checking SURPRISE’s winter tarp…for about ten minutes.    Did someone put the tool in there thinking my vehicle was another one?  Why take the scraper from beside the driver’s seat and put it in the trunk?  Why handle it at all when there was no need for it to be used?

I called the marina and they report that nobody has mentioned losing a saw…  maybe it happened somewhere else?


Surprise 426

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