[Public-List] Multiple pock marks on hull below waterline

Richard Hansen rdhansenjr at gmail.com
Sat Jun 6 06:01:10 PDT 2020

I have a moonscape of a gazillion small (1/4-1/2) pocks, chips, blemishes
 (whatever the right word is) on Sunspur's hull at and below the waterline
(no blisters--she's probably way too old for that).  I suspect these pocks
have been blissfully there for decades, presumably sound under multiple
coats of not completely removed bottom paint over the years?   Now that the
boatyard sanded those security blankets off, what do I do with this 53 year
old hull?  Can I just repaint with 2-3 coats of ablative bottom paint?  Is
some sort of universal high-build epoxy primer & barrier coat (TotalProtect
or Gelshield or similar roll-on bottom coat) nice to have or need to have?
Seems improbable to hand fill and sand the moonscape.  Thank you for your
advice and guidance.
Richard Hansen
Sun Spur #235

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