[Public-List] Stern tube

Gerard Kuperus gkuperus at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 6 19:29:37 PDT 2020

Thank you again for all the very helpful replies to this topic. I managed to schedule a haul-out for Wednesday, which was a bit of a challenge as boat yards have been closed earlier and many don't allow DIY.
As I am getting ready for the haul out, I am wondering how to approach this. First, I need to figure out the source of the leak. Can I inspect the stern tube without taking it out?
If the stern tube is fine how do I go about the repair? Clean everything as best as possible? Then pump a ton of 4200 in the the area between the stern tube and the surrounding deadwood? It seems that there is some rubber seal. Should I worry about that?
Would it be best to take out the stern tube anyway? It seems Mike got a solid approach to removing it, but again I would rather leave it in unless absolutely necessary.


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