[Public-List] Stern tube

Gerard Kuperus gkuperus at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 7 10:22:10 PDT 2020


Can you explain what the defect on the threaded joint was? Worn out, or? It is my understanding that the threads need tape and caulk and it is here where I expect I might have made a mistake when reinstalling. I put caulking on there, I remember, but no tape, and I also remember some going back and forth in order to line things up, which actually might have squeezed the caulk out.
Maybe that is wishful thinking... If I do end up replacing the tube, where did you buy it and do you have the dimensions? I might order it now, and have it handy in case I need to replace it.
Lastly, I am wondering why the stern tube is not glassed in place. Wouldn't that solve some of these issues?

All the best,


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