[Public-List] Spray Dodger questions

Christopher Soontiens cmsoontiens at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 23 08:58:46 PDT 2020

Greetings,Anyone have experience with getting a new dodger installed on their Alberg 30, or ordering kit from Sailrite or elsewhere and making their own? I'm not quite sure I like the boxy shape of the Sailrite dodger kit for serious weather/ offshore purposes, and wondering if it's worth the time and work and savings involved to do a diy dodger? How much has it cost you to have the pros do a dodger on your A30? Is it a fair amount of savings to do a diy dodger and worth the time and effort? Especially if I can procure an old working portable industrial Singer sowing machine? Thinking of savings in this area to put towards other offshore upgrades like wind vane, anchors, solar, gimballed stove, dinghy, bow roller, eventual manual windlass, etc.. Any info on your experiences or recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks

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