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It is not just about watertight. It is also about the design for 
watertight if the boat is hit by a wave and the cockpit filled with 
water. That includes significant weight in the cockpit and in the boat. 
It will change the buoyancy of the hull and if that mass leaks into the 
hull, it will significantly hinder the ability to recover and manoever 
that waterlogged hull.  The round access fitting  is to allow for a 
wheel pedestal and access for those cable controls. Sometimes what you 
would like and what is safe in all circustances is not the same thing.  
For the number of times one accesses the stuffing box and drive shaft, 
one can go over the motor, or if things require major work, take the 
motor out. It takes me about an hour and a half to remove the motor and 
about 2 1/2 hours to put it back in and realign it. Safety is the main 
thing here and if the boat is compromised by adding access hatches, then 
the resale value is much less.  There are times when one needs to 
appreciate the expertise involved in design and then respect that the 
designer has done things with reason and for safety in all conditions.
Don Campbell

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>Anyone know of a good watertight access hatch to replace the small one in the sole of the cockpit? Would like easier access to the drive shaft and stuffing box. I can reach but not really do a lot without help from the engine side.
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