[Public-List] Deck Penetration for Mast Wires

Jonathan Bresler 262alberg30 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 09:43:56 PST 2020


Thinking of redoing the deck penetrations for the mast wires on Constance.
Currently there are three distinct penetrations, two to port of the mast
and one to starboard. All enter the v-berth just forward of the mast beam.
The wires get stepped on from time to time. They are not well protected from
damage.   The wires are: electrical cable for steaming, deck, anchor lights
and ground, VHF cable, signal cables (16 or 18 AWG) for Raymarine ST60
wind instruments.

Thinking about having a single penetration, just aft the base plate,
into the head/hanging locker area. One penetration large enough to hold all
the wires.  Would fill the penetration with putty or expanding foam or
woud you recommend".  Playing with the idea of perhaps a 3/4" thruhull
by a 90 degree elbow so that water does not pool/sit on the top of the
One of these (
might do the trick, but does seem a bit bulky.

Thank you,
Jonathan M Bresler
S/V Constance Alberg 30 #262
Annapolis/Eastport MD

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