[Public-List] Mast Refurbishment

Michael dickdurk at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 03:54:52 PST 2020

 >What should I be doing now that the mast is down and I can work on it

My Brother-In-law, a lifer in the Army Signal Corps, was pretty 
insistent I change out the co-ax when he saw I had the mast down on 
Checkmate. SOP for the Army to do that anytime any sort of maintenance 
issue rears up.
Apparently water intrusion is guaranteed to happen over time, and that 
affects signal efficiency.

Michael Grosh
P.S. I may have seen it in the maintenance manual, or maybe here years 
past, but bundling the wires in the mast with zip ties every 3 or 4 
feet, leaving the tails intact, controls wire slap in the mast. Elegant 
solution, I thought. The mast originally had foam rubber spaced all up 
and down the insides-on Checkmate, anyway. How they were positioned, and 
how to get them out, I leave for others to ponder.  MG

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