[Public-List] Main Haylard Sheave Bolt

Jonathan Bresler 262alberg30 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 11:02:38 PDT 2020


Tried to pull the main halyard sheave bolt.  That bolt has been there since
1967, I'm guessing.  The bolt passes through a sleeve and the sleeve goes
through the holes on either side of the mast.  The sheave appears to be
Tufnol (brown color combination of resin impregnated cloth).  Guessing
that is 1967 vintage as well.
There are two plates, one on each side of the sheave, as well.

The bolt and sleeve, they move together will not come out of the hole.  I
can get it to move till the end of the bolt almost clears the plate on the
side of the sheave, but not quite.  Have pulled, twisted, pushed (using a
drift).  No luck.

Any suggestions?  How have others managed the to get the bolt out.

Jonathan M Bresler
S/V Constance Alberg 30 #262
Annapolis/Eastport MD

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