[Public-List] A Fall Cruise and a Cruise in the Fall

charles pleisse velocharles1 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 07:48:16 PDT 2020

Now There Are Two

Six weeks ago, the prospect of a Fall Cruise was questionable at best.  Now
suddenly we have two Fall Cruises, sort of.  There will be two consecutive
cruises with plenty of wonderful friends, great sailing, and spectacular
anchorages.  Unfortunately, many of the things we all associate with the
Fall Cruise, such as; Pumpkin Night, Game Night, and Soup Night will not be
possible this year.  As I am sure you recall from the last Mainsheet, I
have chosen to host a short cruise in the days between the Rankin Regatta
and The PSA Race (not) to Rock Hall, and in the absence of any other plans,
call it a Fall Cruise.  Now we will have TWO cruises, or for the
adventurous, it can be one longer cruise with two different groups.  To
clarify, following my Fall Cruise, Cabot & Loretta Lodge will be cruising
the Choptank during the first full week of October.  This means there is
potential for more than two weeks of continuous cruising.  How great is

The plan is to depart from the Blackhole Creek, near PSA, on Monday,
September 28th and sail to either, Worton Creek, Fairlee Creek, or Still
Pond.  From there, we will continue up to the Sassafras River to stay in a
marina.  Then we’ll start heading back down the Bay and stop in another of
the previously mentioned creeks, and then back to the Magothy River on
Thursday or Friday to get ready for the PSA Race (not) to Rock Hall.
That’s the basic plan.  As you probably noticed, there is an extra day in
there to play with.  I thought we would leave what to do with that to be a
group decision.

For more information about this year’s first week of fall cruising please
call or email me at (410)271-1836 or velocharles1 at gmail.com.

For information on the Lodge’s cruise please reach out to Loretta at (443)
480-7321 or lodge2 at verizon.net.

We all hope you’ll join us!

Charles Pleisse
College Park Bicycles
( <http://www.bike123.com>301)864-2211

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