[Public-List] “Fridge” cover hardware suggestions

Michael Connolly crufone at comcast.net
Thu Sep 17 19:15:25 PDT 2020

Sorry I called you Doug earlier. Would you like the door to be attached so you don't need a place to store it while open/off?  Would you like a surface to rest the fridge while it is resting on the cushion of the settee? My suggestion would offer both of these features. Looks like the opening is just the size of the fridge, so blocking around the perimeter of the opening would reduce the size of the opening and make removal of the fridge difficult?  As mentioned a continuois piano hinge at the bottom closed on itself would easly prevent the hinged up door to move very much into the opening. A simple latch at the top would keep it in line with the vertical surface.
Others have made good suggestions. I like the twist catches offered by George.
Your magnet idea might not keep the cover in place during a rough sea state.  Is the fridge strapped down? It best be or trapped with fiddles.
> On 09/17/2020 11:52 AM Christian Douglas via Public-List <public-list at lists.alberg30.org> wrote:
> Kittiwake’s front loading ice box was removed at some point. Because of
> easy port side engine access, I didn’t wanna do a drop in box with cold
> plate. I went with an AC/DC cooler that slides out onto the port settee.
> However, I didn’t focus on the cover when I cut the opening.
> Any suggestions of off the shelf hardware to secure the cover? Any hinge
> won’t work. I have thought of fabbing metal tabs for the four corners and
> using magnets.
> Here are pics for reference.
> https://imgur.com/gallery/x1XlNQw
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