[Public-List] Time to sell

Arthur Chotin art at legalprinters.com
Mon Sep 21 09:44:14 PDT 2020

Dear all,

After 28 years of A30 ownership (#178, Kinship III) and membership in 
the A30 Association (which we will continue), age and my increasing 
physical mobility limitations have necessitated our selling our beloved 
Alberg. Betsy and I tried numerous "fixes" but none of them worked so we 
finally "faced the music" and sold to a wonderful young ex-Marine named 
Sebastian Gross. After his return from service in Syria he went to a 
local community college and now is at Harvard (although attending 
classes remotely right now.) We have encouraged him to join the 
Association and know he will receive a warm welcome and learn as much 
from all of you as we have.

As for us, our desire and need to stay on the water has led us to buy a 
pontoon boat. Yes, it is technically a power boat but we prefer to think 
of it as a motorized, floating living room. We promise to remember that 
boats under sail have the right of way and will always be on the lookout 
for the beauty and grace of the A30 out on the Severn. Happy sailing to 
all of you!

Arthur Chotin

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