[alberg30] Question - Average Heeling Angles for A30's

Jackie E. Thomas JThomas at lombard.ca
Thu Dec 10 06:25:35 PST 1998

From: "Jackie E. Thomas" <JThomas at lombard.ca>

Hi Guys,  since I am considering moving from a C&C25 which sails best and
faster when kept flat and I keep hearing your stories about the heeling of
the A30 I thought I'd pose the questions:

What is the usual heel angle with 15 kts  of wind and is this because of
boat design or is this from owners choice of sail plans ie. overcanvassed?

I love the look and layout of your boats but find severe heel to be tiring
on an all-day sail and I want to know what I am getting into before I buy
rather than after.

Thanks in advance,

C&C 25 Contrary
Alexandra YC - Toronto

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