[alberg30] Re: Dogleg table support

Pat Lymburner patlym at inforamp.net
Fri Dec 4 14:38:34 PST 1998

From: Pat Lymburner <patlym at inforamp.net>

We also have one in Mynx and it is attached to the starboard bunk.  The
dogleg is an aluminum pipe which is fitted into a hole in the bottom of
the bunk and through an aluminum support piece below that.  I have
custom fit the cushion to go around it as we have discovered that by
loosening the locking screw on the underside of the table,  we are able
to swing it out of the way when sailing.  It also makes an excellent
chart table.  If anyone is interested,  I can try and take some digital
pictures of it and email them.

Pat Lymburner,
Mynx2  #410

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