[alberg30] Re: Dogleg table support

greg vandenberg fashionguy at ameritech.net
Sat Dec 5 03:31:22 PST 1998

From: greg vandenberg <fashionguy at ameritech.net>

HEY... Lee!  While I'm on my soap box. One more thing! That cabin table has
never been of much use... We always seam to eat on deck or plate in lap.(
probably why the chunks are on the floor) The table on our boat was cumbersome
and always in the way. I had to put a dogleg in it before I new some were that
way. I also had to add the drop-leaf hardware... and still the crew complained
of the lack of cabin space. I know why the fellow chucked it over! I did think
a small narrow(ish) table that extended out from the seat back about midway
along the settee on each side would work better. 
kindest regards,
greg vandenberg

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