[alberg30] Re: Dogleg table support

Gordon E. White gewhite at crosslink.net
Sat Dec 5 04:37:47 PST 1998

Well, Lee, that dog-leg table support is certainly a new one on me. I
have never seen anything like it, but then I was not looking for an
installed table on an Alberg. I guess the ones on the boats I looked at
when buying mine were stowed.

    I did see a table whose top was secured when not in use to the
overhead above the forward bunks. When in use it sat on a straight
pedestal that fit into the cabin sole. I started down that road but
found other things more important. I got a table base out of an RV
supplier and was going to use RV parts, readily available.

    On my prior Brigadoon we had a neat teak table with leaves (with
fiddles) that folded down port & starboard. The whole thing stowed
vertically fairly flush over one of the bunks.

    Does your boat have the pipe bunk and lee cloths? (I have stowed the
pipe berth ashore at the moment, along with the spinnaker pole.)
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