[alberg30] Re: spinnaker pole

mgrosh mgrosh at shore.intercom.net
Tue Dec 29 11:59:43 PST 1998

From: "mgrosh" <mgrosh at shore.intercom.net>

I'll put in my .02-I don't think there was any standard A30 spinnaker pole
provided as original equipment. It looks like everyone's got something a
little different. I believe mine is a galvanized pipe to which the standard
end fittings have been attached. I have seen those fittings in Fawcetts, so
they must be available through Harken, Schaffer, etc.. I haven't compared
mine with other (alum.) poles weight wise, but the diameter is smaller than
others I have seen. I haven't had any problems handling it (other than it's
length on a heaving deck) and there has been no noticeable corrosion-so
little that it is possible it is not steel-I don't have it handy to put a
magnet on it. It came with the boat when my Dad bought it in '75 and over
the years has been rather abused. I think it has even  been used once or
twice as a pole to push the boat off bottom ;-)

Checkmate #220

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