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Sun Jul 19 08:42:02 PDT 1998

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Hi David,

I don't have any brand name rec. for compasses, though I had a Plastimo
compass on my alberg 22 for eight years that was very dependable, and never
required any maintanance.

My 'suggestion' is that you look into a tactical racing style compass, even if
you just cruise. The alternating green and red patterns along the compass card
make it real easy to hold a course, without having to actually look at
numbers. A simple glance at the card shows you if the lubber line has moved in
relation to the colored bands.

As far as drilling holes in a 31 year old boat, it's only the first one that
hurts.;) And if you REALLY don't want to drill new holes, you can make a
wooden or aluminum mounting plate that  matches the old holes on the boat, and
then drill the 'new' holes for mounting the new fitting into the plate.

Good Luck,

Lee Trachtenberg
Stargazer #255

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