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Amy & David Swanson zira at mindspring.com
Mon Jul 20 16:10:42 PDT 1998

Stephen -

Thanks for the response.  By the way, I was looking at the Saturn, mainly
because of the "Navigrid" system of lubber lines.  What did you not like about

Feel free to reply directly to me (zira at mindspring.com), I have tied up the
group long enough on this topic.

Thanks again.

David Swanson
Strayaway Child
Alberg 30 #229

stephen sousa wrote:

> From: "stephen sousa" <stephen=sousa%eng%emchop1 at fishbowl02.lss.emc.com>
> Dave,
> On #114 we currently have the original Danforth compass on and it functions
> fine. We also have a Saturn installed in the bulkhead on the starboard side,
>  I am not a fan of the Saturn products, this compass was installed when we
> had taken delivery. In retrospect I would either install a BN202 Richie
> (per Christoper's e-mail we had this model on our 22 O'Day) or the Plastimo
> which seem to be a high quality product.
> Regards,
> Stephen
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> Original Text
> From: "Amy & David Swanson" <zira at mindspring.com>, on 7/18/98 2:12 PM:
> First - George, this list is a great idea!  Thanks for suggesting I try
> it.
> I have already e-mailed a few of you about this, I apologize fro the
> redundancy.
> My trusty bracket mount Danforth Constellation compass finally bit the
> dust during my vacation cruise two weeks ago.  It came with the boat,
> mounted in the recessed "box" in the bridge deck.  I am seeking inputs
> about an appropriate replacement.  The replies I have gotten so far
> indicate that most people have compasses mounted on the bulkhead, the
> bridge deck location being very near the engine and the electrical
> system.  I never had any problems in the past, the compass was at least
> as accurate as I could steer, but that is a lot of metal an current
> nearby.
> So...
> 1. Anybody still use a compass mounted in the bridge deck?  If so, what
> model, and what do you like/dislike about it?
> 2. Anyone actually had any trouble with a compass mounted in the bridge
> deck that caused them to move it?
> 3. Any recommendations on bulkhead (or other) mounting locations,
> compasses to use, etc.?
> 4. And finally, anyone want to come hold my hand while I drill a big
> hole in a 31-year-old boat?
> So far, I have looked at a Ritchie Helmsman and an Aquameter Saturn.  I
> liked the Saturn's lubberline arrangement better, but I think the
> Ritchie is supposed to be a better name.  Both looked rather cheaply
> made (and interestingly both were made in the USA).
> Thanks for any input.
> David Swanson
> Strayaway Child
> Alberg 30 #229
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