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On #114 we currently have the original Danforth compass on and it functions 
fine. We also have a Saturn installed in the bulkhead on the starboard side,
 I am not a fan of the Saturn products, this compass was installed when we 
had taken delivery. In retrospect I would either install a BN202 Richie 
(per Christoper's e-mail we had this model on our 22 O'Day) or the Plastimo 
which seem to be a high quality product. 

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From: "Amy & David Swanson" <zira at mindspring.com>, on 7/18/98 2:12 PM:
First - George, this list is a great idea!  Thanks for suggesting I try

I have already e-mailed a few of you about this, I apologize fro the

My trusty bracket mount Danforth Constellation compass finally bit the
dust during my vacation cruise two weeks ago.  It came with the boat,
mounted in the recessed "box" in the bridge deck.  I am seeking inputs
about an appropriate replacement.  The replies I have gotten so far
indicate that most people have compasses mounted on the bulkhead, the
bridge deck location being very near the engine and the electrical
system.  I never had any problems in the past, the compass was at least
as accurate as I could steer, but that is a lot of metal an current

1. Anybody still use a compass mounted in the bridge deck?  If so, what
model, and what do you like/dislike about it?
2. Anyone actually had any trouble with a compass mounted in the bridge
deck that caused them to move it?
3. Any recommendations on bulkhead (or other) mounting locations,
compasses to use, etc.?
4. And finally, anyone want to come hold my hand while I drill a big
hole in a 31-year-old boat?

So far, I have looked at a Ritchie Helmsman and an Aquameter Saturn.  I
liked the Saturn's lubberline arrangement better, but I think the
Ritchie is supposed to be a better name.  Both looked rather cheaply
made (and interestingly both were made in the USA).

Thanks for any input.

David Swanson
Strayaway Child
Alberg 30 #229

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