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Robert E Johns bobjns at nais.com
Sun Jul 19 13:32:10 PDT 1998

From: Robert E Johns <bobjns at nais.com>


I've had a bulkhead mount Danforth (Constellation, I believe) mounted in
the left bulkhead for about 20 years with no problems. In this location I
can adjust the compass to within a degree (which is all you can read with 5
degree graduations). No deviation table. No problems with engine on or off
or varying electrical loads as far as I can tell. There is enough tilt to
the bulkhead that you should shim it. I haven't done that to mine and as a
result have to strain a little to read it on the starboard tack. (Do as I
say, not as I do. :-) Maybe next year.)

Make sure that the main compass and the hand bearing compass read on the
same side of the cards.
Someone gave us a Davis hand bearing compass that read on the near side of
the card (the Danforth reads on the far side) and I made mistakes
frequently until I got a hockey puck type that also reads on the far side.
(I do find that I don't use the hand bearing compass as much in these days
of electronic aids.)

I use the well  in the bridge deck for my depth sounder, which is really a
fish finder. A digital depth sounder can't show the bottom if there are
fish or turbulence between the transducer and the bottom. A fish finder
will usually show both fish and the bottom. I did find that I had to
install a big filter after I installed a heavy duty (100 amps) alternator
to avoid interference with the fish finder.


Bob Johns: Wind Call #397

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