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Amy & David Swanson zira at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 19 12:12:45 PDT 1998

From: Amy & David Swanson <zira at mindspring.com>

Jim (and others)-

Thanks for the info.  Would it make any sense to use a bracket mount compass in
the well when sailing, and moving it to another location (bulkhead) when
motoring?  Or would the deviation be likely to vary too much?  Any reasonable
to shield it (copper foil under the motr or something)?

I like the central location in the well.  I had a bulkhead-mounted compass on my
last boat (a Suunto tactical racing model) and it was difficult to read when you
were on the " wrong" side.  Prior to that boat, I had a bracket mount that I put
on the center of the bottom compaionway board of my Cape Dory Typhoon.  I
about going that route again, but it is not that much farther from the engine.

A30240 at aol.com wrote:

> From: <A30240 at aol.com>
> Dave
> If you are concerned about cutting a large hole, use a bracket mount.  then
> you only have two screw holes.  You can use threaded inserts in the bulkhead
> to make it easier to mount and remove the compass.  You can stow it down below
> when it isn't in use, in fact you only need mount it when you actually need
> it.  Keeps the bulkhead free for leaning on the rest of the time.  As for the
> "compass well", I have done a fair amount of compass adjusting, and never been
> able to fully adjust one mounted in the A30 well.  I have always had to make a
> deviation table for when the boat is under power, and given the warning that
> the deviation will be different depending on how much the alternator is
> working.  As you have noticed the compasses on the market don't have the
> quality of the ones made 30 years ago, however the Ritchie seems to be
> reasonably made.
> Jim Davis
> Isa Lei
> 240
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