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Sutherland tomsu at uky.campus.mci.net
Sun Jul 19 12:10:28 PDT 1998

From: tomsu at uky.campus.mci.net (Sutherland)

Dave............Since my A-30 is not yet in the water (bummer)  I can't
speak to the performance of the original compass and it's location. However
like Lee (see post below) I put a Plastimo tactical racing compass on the
Catalina 30 I prevously owned and liked it very much.I agree with Lee , the
red and green quadrants make it easier to hold a course, and it is a very
nice looking compass.

.On the Catalina the bulkhead was at such an angle that I had to design a
mounting block , but I don't think that would be necessary on the Alberg.

 I might mount the compass in a location that that would also be suitable
for someting else , ( exterior speaker , wind instrument , ect.) so if you
did decide to return to the original type compass your hole could be

Tom S
A-30 #412

>From: <FINNUS505 at aol.com>
>Hi David,
>I don't have any brand name rec. for compasses, though I had a Plastimo
>compass on my alberg 22 for eight years that was very dependable, and never
>required any maintanance.
>My 'suggestion' is that you look into a tactical racing style compass, even if
>you just cruise. The alternating green and red patterns along the compass card
>make it real easy to hold a course, without having to actually look at
>numbers. A simple glance at the card shows you if the lubber line has moved in
>relation to the colored bands.
>As far as drilling holes in a 31 year old boat, it's only the first one that
>hurts.;) And if you REALLY don't want to drill new holes, you can make a
>wooden or aluminum mounting plate that  matches the old holes on the boat, and
>then drill the 'new' holes for mounting the new fitting into the plate.
>Good Luck,
>Lee Trachtenberg
>Stargazer #255
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