[alberg30] phrf rating for Al 30 (fwd)

Sutherland tomsu at uky.campus.mci.net
Wed May 27 16:37:13 PDT 1998

From: tomsu at uky.campus.mci.net (Sutherland)

George..................I forwarded your inquiry to a friend of mine and
this is what he sent me:


Capt. Tom,

My US sailing phrf book is a 1992 edition. the alberg 30 is rated 222 with a
fleet of 6 on the Chesapeake.  It's low is 219 with a fleet of 14 on Lake
Ontario.  They like to race as a class.  You may have been with me when I
heard a Alberg 30 calling on the vhf for another on the Bay for a little one
on one racing.

Are we ready to go racing? I'm ready when you are.


Tom Sutherland
A-30 # 412

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