[alberg30] Rudder post

Peter/Michael Hay phay at netcom.ca
Mon Oct 5 14:46:49 PDT 1998

I am in the final stage of purchasing an Alberg 30.  The boat I have found is in
beautiful condition with a virtually new Universal M4-30 diesel and a virtually perfect deck (never painted). I have checked her out for all of the problems other readers and George have indicated.  The only fault I have found is a small leak where the rudder post exits the hull on the inside.  As the boat rocks a drip of water enter the hull.  Over several days the bilge is collecting about a gallon of water.  For your 
information the boat has Edson wheel steering and I wonder if pressure from the 
cables has or is causing a problem.  Can you suggest where the problem is likely
to be?  I am having it surveyed this week, but the surveyor is not likely as 
familiar with the problem as owners.
Thanks for all your help so far
Peter Hay   phay at netcom.ca
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