[alberg30] Re: Rudder post

J.Sousa jsss at net1plus.com
Tue Oct 6 12:54:14 PDT 1998

From: "J.Sousa" <jsss at net1plus.com>

Since you guys have wheel steering, I would assume that you have a
stuffing box on the rudder post.  With the regular tiller, there is no
stuffing box and water ocassionaly comes into the cockpit in heavy seas,
but since the post doesn't exit inside the hull, the water just drains
back out the scuppers.  Have you looked at the stuffing box to see if
this is the problem?  If it is a regular stuffing box, a drip now and
then is normal.  I would suggest a PSS dripless stuffing box to aleviate
this problem.  We use this on #114's shaft and have not had a drip since
day one.

Hope this helped.

Chris Sousa
Carina Vela

Peter/Michael Hay wrote:

>  I am in the final stage of purchasing an Alberg 30.  The boat I have
> found is inbeautiful condition with a virtually new Universal M4-30
> diesel and a virtually perfect deck (never painted). I have checked
> her out for all of the problems other readers and George have
> indicated.  The only fault I have found is a small leak where the
> rudder post exits the hull on the inside.  As the boat rocks a drip of
> water enter the hull.  Over several days the bilge is collecting about
> a gallon of water.  For yourinformation the boat has Edson wheel
> steering and I wonder if pressure from thecables has or is causing a
> problem.  Can you suggest where the problem is likelyto be?  I am
> having it surveyed this week, but the surveyor is not likely
> asfamiliar with the problem as owners.Thanks for all your help so
> farPeter Hay   phay at netcom.ca

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