[alberg30] V-berth Hatch Window

Guy Lalonde guy.lalonde at sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 27 18:11:14 PST 1998

The A30 is all laid up for the winter and now is the time to
start on a few winter projects. The first one I'm considering is 
to install a window (maybe window isn't the right nautical term 
here) in the hatch cover above the v-berth. 
I don't want to install a new modern hatch and ruin the beautiful 
& traditional look of the A30. The hatch cover on my A30 has, 
where it seems a window would fit in nicely, an area that is 
finished in chopped-strand mat (CSM) fibreglass of a beige color 
without any gelcoat over it. 
Were all A30s built like this or was it optional to have a window 
installed there ?
My initial plan is to cut that CSM portion out and install an
acrylic or lexan window.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has undertaken such a 
job and how you went about it.

I'd also like to know if this was available from the factory and if so, 
how did they go about installing it ? Is there a metal trim ring 
around the window, on the inside and outside ? How is the window
held in place ?

Guy    Cyrena #466
guy.lalonde at sympatico.ca
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