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Sat Oct 24 18:24:05 PDT 1998

From: "alberg30" <alberg30 at planet.net>

On #499 we put a water-resistant/ "water proof" exterior speaker for the
VHF in this spot, since I found it hard to hear the radio from the cockpit.

Joe #499
"One Less Traveled"

> From: greg vandenberg <fashionguy at ameritech.net>
> To: alberg30 at onelist.com
> Subject: [alberg30] Re: FYI
> Date: Friday, October 23, 1998 8:12 PM
> From: greg vandenberg <fashionguy at ameritech.net>
> pat...that sounds like a great story.    i've thought  of putting a bulk
> style compass in the open area and using the lid to stash those little
> metallic) things.   more too facilitate  a view of the compass with the
> down .  one of the cockpit cushions goes across  this area  and i seam to
> lifting it a lot to open or close the lid. i just as soon leave it down.
> kindest regards,
> greg vandenberg
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