[alberg30] V-berth Hatch Window

Fri Oct 30 07:19:47 PST 1998


I don't know of any of the newer boats (with the fiberglas hatch)
that have put in a transparent panel.  The older boats came with
wooden hatches and quite a number of them have gone this route.
I'd guess that many of those hatches needed rebuilding, anyway.

Personally, I'd be rather wary of cutting up the existing hatch.
That's rather hard to reverse if things don't go as well as
hoped.  I'd be more inclined to build a new hatch cover, either 
wooden or fiberglas, to replace the original and keep the 
original in case I wanted to revert to it.

What ever you do, be very carful so that you avoid leaks.

 - George

> Guy Lalonde said:
> I don't want to install a new modern hatch and ruin the beautiful
> & traditional look of the A30. The hatch cover on my A30 has,
> where it seems a window would fit in nicely, an area that is
> finished in chopped-strand mat (CSM) fibreglass of a beige color
> without any gelcoat over it.
> Were all A30s built like this or was it optional to have a window
> installed there ?
> My initial plan is to cut that CSM portion out and install an
> acrylic or lexan window.

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