[alberg30] Teak from Victory, Oak or ash trunnels from Charles Morgan

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Wed Dec 1 15:03:13 PST 1999

From: FINNUS505 at aol.com

Hi John, 
Interesting info on the teak from the Victory.  Thx.
Come to think of it, I have a few old trunnels from the Charles Morgan, the 
whaler at Mystic Seaport.  We were visiting when they were rebuilding her in 
the '80's, and very similar story- there was a pile of the old wood, 
including old trunnels that had fastened the old planks, and the workmen said 
we were 'welcome to them'.  We also felt that it was holding a part of 
history, and I can't beleive I didn't remember that we have them!!  Right now 
they are packed away, safely, somewhere, but will be taken out and put in a 
case along with other very old nautical paraphernalia we have, when we have 
room.  Most cherished object-an old wooden octant, in the original case, 
complete.  There is even a small deerskin sack that once held a bottle of 
whale oil lubricant.  It is all banged up, the case particularly.  When we 
found this octant in an antique store that bordered on a thrift shop, the 
case was full of the kind of soot you find in a basement with a coal fired 
furnace!! But all the parts are there. Wonderful to look at and hold.  Inside 
the case are rough pencil mathematical figurings, presumably from a day the 
navigator ran out of paper!!  I don't recognize the computations at 
all-presuambly it is a reduction method from the 19th century, long 
simplified and improved for us today.
But  I digress..........
Stargazer #255
P.S. Ever been to the whaling museum in New Bedford, Mass.?  Well worth the 
trip!!!  wonderful collections.  There is a half scale model of a whaler, 
built in the ealry 1900's, and very authentic.  They say while she 'was 
a-building' the retired whaling captains came to watch, and make 
'corrections'.  More to the point, there is a balcony surrounding the rig you 
can walk around, and scattered on the floor of this balcony are bits and 
pieces and rig fragments from actual old whaling ships.  On the parceled and 
served lines, you can still smell the stockholm tar, or pitch!!!!  Well worth 
the trip!!!

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