[alberg30] Rudder project continued

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Fri Dec 3 13:32:50 PST 1999

From: Rap1208 at aol.com

Tom, first, I think 2" is way too thick.  you don't neet to match the 
thickness of the keel.  I think mine is about a inch and 1/2 at most, with 
the glass.  Thicker is   A  more drag
B  heavy
C  more cost in materials and time.  

Again, I think that mine has bronze rods, either brazed, or screwed into the 
rudder shaft.  The wooden planks are edge drilled, and pushed over the rods, 
I believe.  To hold them, I don't know, maybe epoxy, or if they are threaded, 
nuts.  The straps might work, but is is sorta crude, and  not very secure 
without anything else.,and will increase the drag in the water.  Perhaps if 
they were inset into the rudder a little, and faired into it, it wouldn't be 
so bad.  See if you can get some better ideas at a ship yard in your locale.  
Lots of old guys around who have worked on full keel boats, Alberg, Bristal, 
etc.  I know you.re eager, but do a little more reasearch, and maybe get some 
Keep me posted.  Russ

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