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From: "Forhan, Thomas" <Thomas.Forhan at mail.house.gov>

When my A30 was surveyed two years ago, the surveyor (  Jack Horner, a
former A30 owner) put a replacement (i.e. current new cost ) value of $85K
on it.

Tom F.
Calliope #287

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>  I've been asked several times what would a boat like mine sell for brand
>  new,and my reply was maybe 70k.What was the last year of production of 
>  alberg 30 and cost .Would anyone like to venture a guess as to cost at 
>  todays prices.Just curious,e-mail a week ago talked about where molds
>  were located and history,why was production halted?
>  Dick >>
> Hi Dick,
> I have tried to contact the guy in SC who has an ad in the Ch. A30
> directory. 
> He is supposed to have the molds.  I want a copy of the plans, lines 
> drawings, sail plant,etc, just to have maybe frame and hang up.  He never 
> gets back to me- phone messages or email,so I don;t know what his story
> is.  
> He would know what a new boat would cost though, I would imagine.
> Lee
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