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I THINK, the CCA got it's start under William Washburn Nutting, an editor of 
Yachting in the 1920's.  This was the age when rough and wooly Americans were 
taking on the aristocratic institutions of europe to prove we could do it as 
good or better than them, so in all sports, tennis, sailing, etc, they were 
flexing their muscles.  Groups of American sailors were looking good 
naturedly at the British royal cruising society, and decided to make an 
American institution with the same goals, and the CCA was born.  Shortly 
thereafter, the Storm Trysail Club was born within the CCA. To become a 
member, you had to prove you were out for a significant amount of time in a  
passage that the weather was so rough you needed a storm trysail.
Good book- "Track of the Typhoon", by Nutting in the early 20's. Recounts his 
voyage to England and back with 3 shipmates on an Atkin 40 foot yawl or 
ketch.  Beautiful boat.
Hope this helps, and not too many of the facts are wrong!!:)
Stargazer #255

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