[alberg30] bottom paint

Jay Davenport JayDavenport at compuserve.com
Wed Dec 15 17:10:36 PST 1999

From: Jay Davenport <JayDavenport at compuserve.com>

The best I've run into is Micron Extra CSC. Nothing else comes close. I've
tried Trinidad and Petit, but nothing is better in my experience than the
Micron. It is an ablative, which is the only kind of bottom paint I will
consider. "Revolution" is out of the water for 6 months of the year. Paints
like Trinidad lose their protective ability to the atmoshere when they are
out of the water. Even worse, non-ablative paints build up increasing
layers of "dead" paint on your bottom, which provide no protection, but add
weight. The ablatives, like Micron and Petit, wear off the hull at about
the same rate as the protection does. This means that as long as you can
see paint on the bottom, you still have protection. 
Jay Davenport
Revolution, #526  

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