[alberg30] wanted: hard dodger pattern-bow pulpit

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Wed Dec 15 19:37:59 PST 1999

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After much debate, I decided to go with the "above deck" mounting for the
bowsprit/anchor roller. I came to this conclusion based off of the
following. First, I could not get the chocks off the stem plate, even
though I never attempted to drill the screw heads, but did break the
gelcoat of the bow from the force of the impact driver. And secondly, since
my bowsprit is 12" wide,  the closest point that 12" would fit between the
forward stanchions of the bowpulpit is somewhere around 5-6"  off the deck.
Mounting the bowpulpit this high off the deck does not seem to detract from
the heavenly lines of the A30- nor does it otherwise ruin the foredeck (but
thats just my opinion.) Your bowsprit I recall was mounted 2.5" off the
deck or there abouts- and was flush with the stem plate- so I am only
losing a few inches, I guess.

You'll get to decide for yourself. An article for the Mainsheet is
forthcoming I hope in a  few months - maybe on my website sooner. I know I
have been promising this for nearly a year and half, but since I can't keep
my attention on any one of the fifty projects I have going--I can't
complete anything to write an article. Ahhh-the price of creativity!! I
will keep you all posted. 

PS-- Hard dodger, anyone?....anyone...Bueller?

Resident mad scientist;

Joe #499
"One Less Traveled"

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> From: "alberg30" <alberg30 at interactive.net>
> While I am having great success with the bow pulpit/anchor roller
> project
> Joe ... Did you have any further luck in removing the chocks
> from the stem fitting, or are you going forward with the "above
> the deck" program ? I hope we will see some pics on you efforts
> !
> Tom S
> A30  #412
> InCahoots
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