[alberg30] Mad scientist disaster

alberg30 alberg30 at interactive.net
Sun Dec 19 17:41:44 PST 1999

From: "alberg30" <alberg30 at interactive.net>

Just call me lefty.

Finished assembly on the bowsprit/anchor roller, and  while patting myself
on the back for the fine craftsmanship I exhibited, I started on the
mounting blocks for the same project.

Started ripping mahogany planking. Was doing excellent until I got to the
last piece of the very last cut for 1999, using my neighbor's table saw,
***Bzzzzzztng ***

Ouch that hurt. &*&^%$#!!!!

While trying to rip a 2" tall piece of 3/4" thick mahogany down to 1/4"
[don't ask me why], the wood started to grab and was about to fly away. I
reached for it with my left hand, because my right held a nice piece of
scrap wood I used as a guide.

Nicked my left thumb. While I only got the very tip and part of the nail,
it hurts like hell. And I learned a valuable lesson---don't put your
fingers near a table saw blade. (Kinda' obvious I know.)

Oh well at least the ER doc prescribed me some Phicaden--and I finished my
last cut!

Please be safer than me for the holidays,

Joe #499
"One Less Traveled"

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