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Whitby Boat Works closed it's shop in the late '80s when the City of Whitby,
Ontario, Canada decided to buy their property in an ill fated waterfront
expansion program.  Kurt Hansen, nearing retirement, with a dead new boat
market and recession looming and 25 year old designs,  took the $2,000,000
the City offered and r-e-t-i-r-e-d.

Like we wouldn't?!

The molds where sold to the company you saw last week and so far have done
nothing, but as
Scarlet O'Hara said " tomorrow is another day...."

Kurt died about a year or so ago in the Caribbean on his Whitby 45 and was
one the few people in boat building to actually get rich doing it - kinda
fitting don't you think.?!

As for value, I have a Club mate of ours, "God looks after fools and
drunks", who paid $125,000 Canadian for a new C&C 30 5 years ago.


I guess C&C stands for cash and carry. ; )



Dick Filinich wrote:

> From: Dick Filinich <daf at mobiletel.com>
> I've been asked several times what would a boat like mine sell for brand
> new,and my reply was maybe 70k.What was the last year of production of
> alberg 30 and cost .Would anyone like to venture a guess as to cost at
> todays prices.Just curious,e-mail a week ago talked about where molds
> were located and history,why was production halted?
> Dick
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